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Competitive Edge

Fury AAA + Competitive Edge

Competitive Edge is the exclusive provider for skill development to Fury AAA players.

Competitive Edge provides clinics during our summer break and into our summer season.  They also offer individual 1:1 skills instruction and flexible group times.

For more information, visit Competitive Edge's website:

Competitive Edge has the most advanced skating treadmill using the StrideMatrix - Check it out in action at

FURY AAA Special Offer!

Competitive Edge Trial Session

Comp Edge offers a trial session as a first-time-only private lesson which allows skaters to evaluate how good of a fit we are for your training needs.

Normally, a trial session is $40 for 60-minutes which is a large discount from the normal private session rate.  Fury AAA players receive the special opportunity to do Competitive Edge trial session for $30 (25% off the usual, already discounted, rate).

Contact Andy Blaylock (612 564 5423) and mention "Fury AAA trial session" to inquire about this special offer.  Offer expires July 1, 2021.

Learn more about Competitive Edge trial sessions here

Fury AAA Girls / Comp Edge Clinic

Registration OPEN!  


June 14 to July 16 - Monday/Thursday/Friday

Dates for camp:

Monday       6/14 - 8-9am Ice / 9:15-11:15a Dryland
Thursday   6/17 - 8-9am Ice / 9:15-11:15a Dryland
Friday     6/18 - 8:45-9:45a Ice / Competition
Monday     6/21 - 9:15-10:15a Ice / 10:30-12:30p Dryland
Thursday   6/24 - 9:15-10:15a Ice / 10:30-12:30p Dryland
Friday     6/25 - 8:45-9:45a Ice / Competition
Monday     6/28 - 9:15-10:15a Ice / 10:30-12:30p Dryland
Thursday   7/1  - 9:15-10:15a Ice / 10:30-12:30p Dryland
Monday     7/12 - 9:15-10:15a Ice / 10:30-12:30p Dryland
Thursday   7/15 - 9:15-10:15a Ice / 10:30-12:30p Dryland
Friday     7/16 - 8:45-9:45a Ice / Competition

Two options provided:

Full Clinic (Max 12 skaters) - $605

Ice Only (Max 8 skaters) - $270

Fury AAA Forward / Defense Clinic - SOLD OUT

Fury AAA Forward / Defense Clinic - SOLD OUT .  Opening soon for 2021

Forward & Defense Clinic

Inquire on availability

Only 10 spots available for each position.

This is a small group session specifically for each position. 


  • Gap Control
  • Angling and driving
  • Pinning
  • Backward Skating
  • Transition edgework
  • Playing the Rush
  • Breakout Options
  • Creating Passing Angles
  • Reading Pressure
  • Partner support
  • Net Front play
  • Collecting passes in transition
  • Receiving passes on boards
  • Zone Entries
  • 1v1s, 2v2s, 3v2s

High Power Stride Matrix Training

Leverage Real Time Feeback to accelerate learning with The Cocoon stride information environment

Developing an efficient stride with the Stride Matrix

Andy Blaylock

Andy Blaylock

Fury AAA Skills Instructor

Phone: (612) 564-5423