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Welcome to the 2020 Fury AAA 2007 team page

Fury 2006/2007 goes undefeated at the North American Hockey Classic in Winnipeg!

Champions of the Spring Stampede!

Arrival Time

Players should arrive at the following times:

  1. Tournament games:  50 minutes prior to game time
  2. MASH games:  30 minutes prior to game time
  3. Practice:  dressed and ready at least 5 minutes prior in case there are items to discuss before hitting the ice.


Fury is a skills development summer program. We try to provide a summer sport friendly schedule. We typically meet 2 times per week avoiding Friday and Saturday practice times. We understand that summer hockey is an off season sport and we encourage our players to attend other level’s practices when they can’t make their own team’s practice. We play in spring and summer tournaments to showcase your athlete’s development.

Fury AAA 2007 News

Len Lopez

Development Director

Phone: (612)518-1283

Matt Cook

Development Director

Phone: (763)228-3287

Cindy Nash


Andy Blaylock

Co - Head Coach

Parker DeRosier

Co-Head Coach

Steve Anderson

Assistant Coach

Scott Olson

Assistant Coach